About us

Our Inspiration

Robin Lisa New York was inspired by our founder’s love for animals, specifically her love for cats.  As a New York company, city living was our next inspiration. The city’s vibrance and distinction represent our brand and the originality of our products.  Each of our product’s individuality is intertwined with connectivity reflected in the stories of our Cat characters.


The Cat characters of Robin Lisa New York come from stories of cats that we have loved and other special characters that we have come across over the years.  Each has its own unique personality and a fun story that customers can relate to. 

Seasons Change

Change is a constant and as we look forward to the leaves turning green and the air getting a little warmer, we develop a desire for something new and engaging to help with our transition to the new season. 


No matter what change comes, even when the changes turn damp or bright, the fun, creative, and color-filled inspirations of Robin Lisa NYC will bring you warmth and happiness!